Cover-ENT® disposable sterile sheaths for flexible nasopharyngoscopes

Sterile, practical and ready to use.


The Cover-ENT® device is a sterile sheath for use on an optical instrument known as a nasopharyngoscope. The sheath is equipped at the distal end with a lens to allow viewing by the ENT physician via the optical instrument during fibroscopy.
We are able to produce disposable sheaths for any type of nasopharyngoscope not listed in our catalogue.


Each box contains 20 individually wrapped sheaths, each with a double label for traceability. One pack contains 5 boxes.

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The Cover-ENT® sheath for nasopharyngoscopes provides a valuable barrier system to simultaneously ensure:
– That the nasopharyngoscope is completely sterile every time it is used
– A drastic reduction in reset time between examinations
– A reduction in procedure time

Main features of the device:

The Cover-ENT® device is practical and easy to use.

Cover-ENT® is easy to place on the nasopharyngoscope before use, and also to remove, protecting the instrument.

The reduced thickness and high elasticity of the material used means that the Cover-ENT® device is easily tolerated by the patient even during instrument orientation.

The high transparency and design of the lens guarantee a clear and distortion-free view.

Cover-ENT® sheaths are “tailor-made” to be compatible with flexible nasopharyngoscopes produced by leading brands (Storz, Olympus, Xion, Wolf, Pentax).

100% of Cover-ENT® devices produced undergo control testing to verify the optimal tightness of all bonded components.

The sheath is equipped with a transparent rigid PE protection tube that facilitates its positioning on and removal from the nasopharyngoscope.

Individually packaged in medical-grade paper + plastic laminate with a label with dual removable tags for traceability of endoscopic examinations.

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