Cover-URO® disposable sterile sheaths for flexible cystoscopes

Sterile, practical and ready to use.


Cover-URO® is a sterile cover used to protect flexible cystoscopes during cystoscopy examinations. Suitable for the most commonly used equipment in urology, it ensures that every single procedure is sterile and rapid.
We are able to produce disposable sheaths for any type of cystoscope not listed in our catalogue.


Each box contains 10 individually wrapped sheaths, each with a double label for traceability. One pack contains 5 boxes.

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The Cover-URO® device is a sterile disposable cover specifically designed to completely cover flexible and rigid cystoscopes during endoscopic examinations.

Main features of the device

Double sheath made of medical polyurethane with a reduced wall thickness of approximately 0.07-0.09 mm.

The softness of the polyurethane tube means that it is easy to handle during the examination and allows the correct movement of the distal part of the cystoscope while protecting its delicate internal mechanism.

Equipped with a distal lens made of soft, transparent and atraumatic material that provides excellent visibility during the diagnostic examination while minimising patient discomfort.

The film lens is approximately 30 microns thick and adapts perfectly to the distal end of the endoscopic instrument, leaving the nominal diameter almost completely unchanged.

Equipped with an 18-cm-wide and 90-cm-long videocamera cover.

Individually packaged in a Tyvek+PE pouch with a label with two removable tags for traceability of endoscopic examinations.

The sheath is equipped with a transparent rigid PE protection tube that facilitates its positioning.

100% of Cover-URO®devices produced undergo a control test carried out with compressed air at 0.5 bar in order to verify the absence of micro-holes in the polyurethane sheathing and the optimal tightness of all components subjected to heat sealing and bonding.

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